Endless possibilities

In addition to the existing fabrication, moulding & neon facilities, FM Engineering has now expanded it’s capabilities with new laser cutting, ACM fabrication and vertical wall saw equipment.

The possibilities are endless with our state-of-the-art equipment and in-house expertise at your disposal. We work mainly with acrylic, aluminium and other metals, to fabricate a range of high end MID (main identity) solutions, including pylons (such as flag and T-pylons), light boxes, monoliths, lettering and staging frames.

ACM fabrication benefits include:

  • Excellent mechanical properties at a light weight
  • Resistant to impact, weathering and chemicals
  • Extremely flat and rigid
  • Can be used as fascia, cladding, interiors or signage
  • Can be curved, bent or shaped to any angle
  • Noise and thermal insulating properties
  • Ideal for curtain walling systems
  • Vibration dampening

Discover more about our ACM cladding or contact us today to discuss your next project specifications.