ACM Cladding

FM Engineering has expanded it’s capabilities with state-of-the-art new ACM fabrication equipment, offering the advantages of ACM building cladding to our clients and yours.

ACM cladding offers an increasingly popular durable and flexible solution for your next construction and fit out project.

Common ACM fabrication uses include fascia, cladding, interiors or signage with cladding providing an extremely flat and rigid material with noise and thermal insulating properties, ideal for curtain walling systems.

With the added benefits of impact, weathering and chemical resistance, while also being relatively light weight, ACM cladding is an ideal alternative for exteriors.

ACM fabrication benefits:

  • Excellent mechanical properties at a light weight
  • Resistant to impact, weathering and chemicals
  • Extremely flat and rigid
  • Can be used as fascia, cladding, interiors or signage
  • Can be curved, bent or shaped to any angle
  • Noise and thermal insulating properties
  • Ideal for curtain walling systems
  • Vibration dampening

Find out more about our fabrication capabilities and talk to our team today to discuss your next project.